About Us

Feel Good About Snacking!

"When you start a vegan lifestyle, there are certain foods you begin to miss in your diet. Trying different brands on the market, I felt that something was still missing. They weren’t satisfying enough. So, I decided to experiment with homemade recipes to see what I could come up with and the possibilities of these products could be improved.

Preparing my own alternatives gave me the opportunity to choose the ingredients, selecting only the best, making sure everything was Grain, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free, No Added Sugars and no Artificial Preservatives as well as non-GMO. As a result I created Botko, a line of products with only the most selective plant based ingredients.

At Botko we believe “We are what we eat” and we want you to thrive with our love infused, superfood snacks! Fuel your active, healthy lifestyles while delighting yourself with delicious and fulfilling plant-based goodness. Botko crafts recipes that will not only be a feast for the eyes but an explosion of goodness for the heart and soul."

- Gaby Castro, Founder